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Regular Programs

At John A. McDougall we offer a comprehensive literacy model through quality classroom literacy instruction and multi-tiered literacy intervention at all grade levels.  Programming focus is on literacy and numeracy; K-6 Balanced Literacy; Reading Recovery; Leveled Literacy Intervention; Middle Years Literacy Intervention; 6 + 1 Writing Traits; Teacher Librarian; Music Specialist; full day Kindergarten; half day Early Learning Program; Character Education Program; French as a Second Language; smartboard technology in all classrooms; library as a vibrant learning resources center and support and leadership opportunities for all students.  John A. McDougall is a Partners For Kids School (PFK) providing services and support for families and children to enhance their opportunites for school success.  As a result we are able to offer school mentoring, on site family therapist, The Edmonton School Lunch Program, snack program and on site Capital Health nurse.

Focus on 21st Centruary Literacy skills is a district wide initiative

Each student must develop competency in reading, writing, speaking, viewing, listening, representing and numeracy as foundational skills for 21st century learning.  At John A. McDougall school we focus on literacy, providing high quality classroom instruction, intervention for at-risk students and a home reading program with support for parents and caregivers.

Classroom Instruction

All classes at John A. McDougall have a balanced approach to literacy instruction, using a variety of stragegies to meet the learning styles of all students.  There are several components in this approach.

  • Reading.  Read aloud, guided reading, independent reading and shared reading are all used to model and support the development of reading skills.  In our grade 3-6 classrooms we are implementing Reading Workshop, providing students with an authentic environment for reading development. After explicit instruction with a whole class mini-lesson, students are given an extended amount of time to read and apply their learning. High accountability, small group instruction and opportunitites to share critical thinking are essential to the workshop.
  • Writing.  We believe in the importance of providing students with opportunities to write with an authentic purpose and audience in mind. Students are given explicit instruction in writing, learning from mentor texts, use graphic organizers and are provided with opportunities to share their writing with others.
  • Word Study.  Students learn high frequency words for word recognition and spelling; they work on visual and sound patterns with an emphasis on word meaning.

Reading Intervention

In addition to high quality classroom instruction, we provide the following interventions for those students needing additional support.

Reading Recovery (RR)

Under the guidance of a certified teacher, students in grade one receive daily one-on-one instruction in reading over a 20 week period to bring them to grade level.  This is an intensive program requiring parent support and daily attendance to ensure student success.

Levelled Literacy Intervention  (LLI)

Levelled Literacy Intervention is a small group reading intervention for students in grades 2 and 3.  The goal of this program is to accelerate student learning in order to meet grade level expectations.

Middle Years Literacy Intervention (MYLI)

Students in grades 4 - 6 who are below grade level in reading may receive individual or small group literacy intervention with a trained MYLI teacher.

Home Reading

As part of our instructional focus every classroom has a home reading program.  The goal of this program is to help students develop the habits of a life long reader and share literacy in a joyful way with other family members.

We offer a variety of workshops to help parents and caregivers support their child's literacy development at home.